PCB Designs

PCB CAD DESIGN a trusted partner for thousands of hobbyists, OEMs, Colleges, schools, repair shops and Government Organizations for electronics designs and manufacturing. Our wide range of services comprises of schematic entry, Layout Design and PCB Fabrication with electronic components sourcing and Assembly.

PCB Designs


PCB Design is a vital component of any Electronic product. Careful consideration must be given to ensure a cost effective use of resources

PCB Manufacturing


Our Printed Circuit Boards division supports Single-Sided PCB,PTH Doubl -Sided PCB, NPTH Double -Sided PCB,Flexible PCB(FPC), Multi-layer PCB(2~30 Layers)

PCB Assembly


We support Automated High speed SMT PCB Assembly with proto type & bulk quantities. Reflow soledring for LED Assembly.

PCB Design & Training Services

Due to ever increasing competition industries are under constant pressure to embrace Industrial Automation Technologies. Industrial Automation today has overcome the limitations of traditional industries by providing increase in productivity and safety, better quality, repeatability, reduction in material wastage & manpower. Engineers from Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Instrumentation branches often lack practical exposure, which has created a peculiar situation wherein even though in abundance industry is short of trained / quality manpower. PCB designing and fabrication is the most required part for an electronics hardware product development companies.

Electronics PCB CAD Data Conversion

We specialize in Electronics Printed Circuit board CAD Data conversion

  • AutoCAD file to Gerber.
  • DXF to Gerber.
  • PCB Scanning to CAD
  • Schematics to PCB layout
  • Gerber to NC drill
  • Gerber to Pick & Place file