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Printed Circuit Board Design

PCB Design is a vital component for any Electronic product. Careful consideration must be given to ensure a cost effective use of resources - particularly if a single sided layout can be synthesised in preference to PTH, or PTH in preference to Multi-layer. With the resources available, we can assure the delivery of professional and efficient design for all projects. We also support for PCB re-engineering.

PCB CAD DESIGN a well trusted partner for thousands of hobbyists, OEMs, Colleges, schools, repair shops and Government Organizations for electronics designs and manufacturing. Our wide range of services comprises of schematic entry, Layout Design and PCB Fabrication with electronic components sourcing and Assembly.

Printed Circuit Board Design Training

CAD CAM is a 25/50 hour course provides Electronics Engineers the knowledge of PCB Design using latest CAD software. Course is very helpful for R&D Engineers, PCB Production managers,CAD Engineers, Teaching faculty, PCB Fabrication Engineers, CAM operaters etc.

Course Contents Outline
  • Overview of PCB Production
  • About the Base Material
  • Component Identification
  • Types of PCBs & Overview of PCB Technologies
  • Overview of Manual Routing Technologies
  • The CAD System as a Substitute for Manual Routing & How to Judge CAD system
  • General Rules for Design of PCBs · Design Factors
  • Introduction to Schematic & Entry of Schematic Diagram
  • Netlist File Creation & Introduction to Routing
  • Importance of Grid System AutoPlacement of Components
  • Autorouting
  • Enhanced Routing Techniques
  • Cross Probing
  • Routing of SMD Components
  • Post Processing
  • Advanced HDI Technologies
  • Project
  • Test
  • Excursion to an Industry
  • Course Evaluation/Issue of Certificates
PCB manufacturing

We manufacture Printed Circuit Boards ( PCB) with Single-Sided PCB,PTH Double-Sided PCB,NPTH Double-Sided PCB,Flexible PCB(FPC),Multi-layer PCB(2~30 Layers)for worldwide customers. with more than 2 decade years of specialized experience and excellent engineering Team, we are responsive to customer needs for speed to market, and offers fast and accurate solutions for Quick Turn Around (QTA) needs.

Our QTA service is combined with cost reduction and DFM (design for manufacturability), we can provide faster than normal response in prototype and production quantities.

Prototype through to volume manufacture is all made via the same state-of-the-art tooling, manufacturing and test facilities. There is a single tooling charge. No additional tooling charges are made to customers when the product goes to volume.

Various levels of service and volume apply depending on specific needs:

  • Single-Sided and Double-Sided: 3-7 Days QTA sample.
  • Multilayer PCB(4~6 layers): 7 Days QTA sample.
  • Multilayer PCB(8~30 Layers): 7~12 Day QTA sample.
  • 10~15 Day Mass production first lot.

Packing and Shipping Departments ensure that the product is accurately shipped to the customer by the most efficient route using purpose designed packing protection in accordance with the customer's request such as FOB CIF & DDU.

PCB Raw Material used: FR4, CEM1, CEM3, FR2, FR1, XPC,IMS,FR-5, High Tg, Green Material

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PCB Assembly

We specialize in Electronics Manufacturing Services(EMS) with Automated SMT Assembly, Micro BGA Assembly,Thru-Hole PCB Assembly, Reflow Soldeding, Wave Soldering & Mixed Technology Printed Circuit Board Assembly build to IPC-Workmanship Standards.

  • Wave Soldering
  • Reflow Soldering
  • Automated SMT Assembly
  • Through hole & Mixed technology boards.
  • BGA Assembly & Soldering
  • Proto typing
  • Re-engineering