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About Our Company

PCB CAD Design is an Engineering and Services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. A team with more than 2 decade of experience have developed a reputation for consistently delivering quality products and sevices on time.

From our wide range of services offered, one can choose an approach best fitting for each project. Most importantly, we are flexible and will custom tailor a business model that makes sense for you. We work as an extension of your own team with our effective Design & Electronics manufacturing solutions that will reduce your burn rate and get you to market sooner.

We can support clients not only at the PCB level and Board design, also we will be able to offer a turn-key service, a complete package that will include FPGA, schematic, simulations and layout design.

We have cultivated successful and long lasting relationships with customers and vendors. By doing so, we have established a rich eco-system that brings success to all. We are in the business of creating results for our clients. We take special pride in the way we work and the energy that we bring to any assignment.

Our Major Services includes

  • Printed Circuit Board Design & Training
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Soldering
  • CAD Data Conversion
  • Full turn key projects
  • Automated SMT PCB Assembly